Taiwan's Biggest Resort Park   

     Taiwan's biggest resort park, covering an area of 200 hectares, combines the country’s biggest dual land and water theme parks, the Fullon Hotel Lihpao Land five-star resort hotel, our flagship escape room attraction, the Lihpao OUTLET MALL, Lihpao Road Station, the Lihpao Racing Park and Sky Dream, Taiwan’s biggest Ferris wheel. With this unprecedented integration of multiple forms of entertainment and leisure, Lihpao Resort creates a whole new business model for Taiwan’s theme parks and resorts.


About us

Discovery World

Has the world’s only tilt roller coaster, Gravity Max, as well as 32 other fun rides. It’s a colorful fantasy kingdom for the whole family to enjoy, with attractions to fire the imagination of kids and grownups alike!

Mala Bay

Creating waves of up to 3 meters, the Big Wave attraction boasts the biggest artificial waves in Southeast Asia.

With a total of 11 water attractions and outdoor theaters, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to an island resort.

Sky Dream Ferris wheel

Taiwan’s biggest Ferris wheel, Sky Dream has a diameter of 120 meters, a highest elevation of 384 meters, and 60 luxury observation cars.

With views of the mountains and the sea, you can experience beautiful scenery by day and by night.

Lihpao Fullon Hotel

With 272 rooms, the Lihpao Fullon Hotel is in the Lihpao resort that can host over 1,000 people.

Voted one of Taiwan's Ten Best Family Hotels.

Designed as a family hotel, full of family-friendly facilities.

Comfortable rooms of size 14 ping and above are suitable to stay with friends or the whole family.

A wide choice of Chinese, Japanese and Western food at the self-service buffet.

Lihpao Outlet Mall

The best in food and shopping.

Experience the romantic scenery of the famous Italian village of Portofino.

Find all the top domestic and foreign sports and leisure brands, as well as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and souvenirs imported direct from Hokkaido, Japan.

There’s Taiwan’s largest scenic dining area the country’s only pet-friendly fun park.

Escape Rooms

Lihpao Land has constructed the biggest escape room theme attraction in Taiwan, one which offers three major scenarios and nine themed games.

Challenge your brain to its limits

Lihpao International Racing Park

Built to the highest specifications, this is Taiwan's only G2 racetrack and karting racetrack to be accredited by the FIA and CIK.

Taiwan's longest karting track at over 1.5 km. The most powerful carts imported from Italy.

Highly anticipated F2 track for G2-level racetrack. It's 3.5 km length incorporates 23 turns and the only one with a height difference of up to 5 stories along the track.



T11 T12 RACING THEME HOTEL is the only racing-themed hotel in Taiwan.

With 230 rooms, nearly half are over a commanding view of the scintillating track.

The unique sportsman energy breakfast kicks off your one of a kind Lihpao racing vacation!



With 7 themes “clock Tower”, “Finding EDWARD”, “Street Artist”, “Dreamy Fireworks”, “Sally’s hide and seek”, “Wishing Fountain” and “Minini collection”.

Also has FOOD COURT and “PLAY LINE FRIENDS” store.

LIHPAO FULLON HOTEL has 8 different theme rooms and 7 themes ferris wheel carriage in the SKY DREAM.

traffic info

Get off at Taichung station and transfer to free shuttle bus (please make a reservation on the website) or Ubus No.155 to Lihpao Resort.

Get off at Taichung International Airport, transfer to bus No.302 to KUO-KUANG eBus  Chaoma Station, and transfer to free shuttle bus to Lihpao Resort.

1. Get off at Taichung Railway Station and transfer to city bus.

2. Get off at Fengyuan Railway Station and transfer to city bus.

3. Get off at Houli Railway Station
-Walk to Houli elementary school and transfer to free shuttle bus to Lihpao Resort.
-Or transfer to bus No.155 or No.811 to Lihpao Resort.

● Houli Train Station (Houli elementary school) - Yamay Sugar Factory - Lihpao Racing Park - Lihpao Land  Schedules  

● Taichung Chaoma(Gate 6,Kuokung Station) -  Lihpao Outlet Mall  Schedules

● T11.T12 Hotel - Fullon Hotel - Lihpao Outlet Mall - Lihpao Land - Lihpao Racing Park   Schedules



★ Ubus http://www.ubus.com.tw
Bus No.155 THSR - Ubus station - Lihpao Resort

★ Jasunbus http://www.jasunbus.com
Bus No.811 Fengyuan East station - Houli station - Dajia station

★ Fybus http://www.fybus.com.tw
Phone Number-
Dajia station: 04-26872151
Fengyuan East station: 04-25246603


★ Route Reference

● Taichung Railway Station - Fengyuan - Lihpao Land
1. Fybus No.12、55、202、203、700、900 - Fengyuan
2-1. Transfer to Fybus No.215 - Lihpao Land
2-2. Transfer to Fybus No.212、213 - Yuemei Tourism Sugar Factory - Transfer to free shuttle bus to Lihpao Land

● Dajia - Lihpao Land
Transfer to Fybus No.215 - Lihpao Land

● Place to take
Lihpao Land - Leave Discovery World (Theme park), go straight to the square, turn right and go down stairs, and finally turn right. You can see a red bus stop.  
Fybus Dajia Station - Leave Dajia Railway Station and turn right. Walk about 20 meters along Zhongshan Road section one.

No.1617 Taipei Bus Station - Lihpao Land

●Please check the bus time before 15:00 at Ticket booth.
●The last bus in summer vacation is 19:50.

●Place to take - Leave Discovery World (Theme park), go straight to the square, turn right and go down stairs, and finally turn right. You can see a red bus stop.  

●Please have a reservation three hours before the bus time.

●Place to buy - Discovery World Ticket booth No.2 

★ Fare inquiry

Tell: 02-25588001 

Southbound & Northbound:

 ● Freeway No. 1
Take the exit for Houli, Waipu. Follow signs for 3 minutes to reach Lihpao Land.
 ● Freeway No. 3
Take the exit for Dajia, Waipu. Follow signs for Waipu for approx. 15 minutes to reach Lihpao Land.

★ Parking Fees:
Buses NT$100
Cars NT$20/hour (up to one hour free)
Motorcycles NT$50

● Tell: 04-25581003;leader Chen:0933-550823
● Approx. Fare
Lihpao Land - Houli Railway Station NT$250
Lihpao Land - Fengyuan Railway Station NT$450
Lihpao Land - Taichung Railway Station NT$850
Lihpao Land - THSR Taichung Station NT$850

★ Place to take - Leave Discovery World (Theme park), go straight to the square, turn right and go down stairs. You can see taxies on your left.  
★One taxi is limited to four people.

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